published datedescription
November 16, 2023Support airway evaluation in lateral cephalometric analysis
July 11, 2023Finalize Ricketts analysis with 33 indicators
May 31, 2023Improve bone-teeth movement in VTO mode
March 10, 2023Support lateral and frontal face analysis
February 17, 2023To improve our service quality, we will start paid plan from 01/03/2023. Please access PRICING menu for more information.
January 09, 2023Support CVM on lateral cephalometric X-Ray and auto detect markers on Posterior-Anterior cephalometric X-Ray
December 01, 2022Implement end-to-end data encryption
November 28, 2022Support unread message list
October 04, 2022Support custom indicator, superimposition
August 29, 2022Support create curve automatically in cephalometric analysis
August 23, 2022Support compare image in image library
August 22, 2022Support doctor comment in medical record
August 11, 2022Implement Patient List module
July 18, 2022Move room, status, service settings to Calendar page
July 11, 2022Auto classify images by AI, improve UI for 3D images
June 28, 2022View corresponding image within Medical Record
June 24, 2022Support calculating marker locations automatically
June 06, 2022Implement patient scheduling
June 06, 2022Improve Lateral Cephalometric teeth curve
May 04, 2022Support managing patients by clinic
April 26, 2022Improve UI for Patient Management
March 22, 2022Implement Kim Analysis (Sato MEAW-GEAW)
March 14, 2022Implement Ricketts Analysis

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web-based all-in-one solution for orthodontists.


comprehensive clinical support tool

Clinical software application supports almost every specialized aspect for orthodontists.
Provide necessary support tools for state-of-the-art treatment methods widely applied worldwide.
The solution supports diagnosing and treating patients based on scientific evidence.
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